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Long Point Tours is unique in that it is the only company operating sightseeing tours in/on Long Point Bay to the tip. We are the leader and first to market that has knowledge and connections to the land which make it authentic for customers. The tour itself is often on people’s bucket lists. People come from all over the world to Point Pelee and Pelee Island to bird watch however Long Point is a excellent alternative from the over-commercialized Point Pelee and Pelee Island. To date the Long Point Bird Observatory has captured and banded over 395 bird species.

Long Point Tours is one of the best things to do in southwestern Ontario, providing a unique experience by showcasing the beauty of the UNESCO Long Point World Biosphere Reserve through a historic voyage along Long Points northern shoreline all the way to the tip where you get to physically step foot upon one of the most remote locations in SW Ontario, a place that most people have never seen.

Here at Long Point Tours we offer a number of different experiences all within the UNESCO Long Point World Biosphere Reserve. Tours are operated out of Norfolk County, Ontario which is less than a 2 hour drive southwest of the Greater Toronto Area & 1.5 hours southeast of London, Ontario. We are located on the north shore of Lake Erie near Port Dover and our boat tours operate out of Turkey Point.

Our tours and experiences include:

“Best thing’s to do in the Turkey Point & Long Point Area”

We’re also exploring a couple other new tours this season such as Yoga retreats & photography workshops on the tip of Long Point.

Here are some great promotional videos: One for the Bucket List, Long Point Aerial Views, First Year Trip to the Tip, Norfolk County Tourism

About Long Point

Long Point is known to many for its long sandy beaches, grassy meadows, rolling sand dunes, Carolinian flora & fauna, its diversity of rare threatened & endangered plants and wildlife, unique wet/dry landscape and of course thousands of species of migrating birds that stopover each spring and fall. It is the world’s largest freshwater sand-spit consisting of 26,600 hectares and sticks out 42km into the middle of Lake Erie. There are no roads and little development as the large sand-spit is protected both privately and federally. Its because of this that land access as been restricted for 160 years! The only way to access Long Point is by boat… That’s where we come in!

On tour learn all the legends and lore that make up Long Point’s rich history. You can expect to learn tales of piracy, buried treasure, war, shipwrecks and many other hidden stories only the locals know. Book your tours today online or by phone we guarantee a one-of-a-kind experience! For more info on Long Point click here

Capt’ Garrett Reid ~ Owner/Operator

Captain Garrett | Owner/Operator

Captain Garrett grew up in Norfolk County where he learned an appreciation for nature through is father (a local wildlife biologist). He is passionate about the outdoors and the region in which he operates his tours. Garrett’s long family history in the area is deeply rooted, not only connecting him to Long Point but most of Norfolk County.

Garrett’s ancestor John Rohrer was part of the first group of Europeans known to step foot on Long Point back in the 1790′s when the area was being settled. John’s son and Garrett’s great uncle Henry Rohrer would later go on to marry the famous Abilgal Becker; the Angel of Long Point. His great ancestor Moses Newkirk was also the second lighthouse keeper at the tip of Long Point in 1846. To learn more about the Long Point Lighthouse click here.

The idea for Long Point Tours started in 2012, which was directly influenced by a growing tourism industry in Norfolk County and a need for something different to help showcase what a unique & beautiful landscape it is. Combining his knowledge of Long Point and a unique skill set, he came up with the idea to run sightseeing destination tours out to the tip Long Point in a similar style to the whale-watching operations found on the east & west coast. Thus was born the Zodiac Boat Tour & Long Point Tours.

Recently Garrett won the Youth Entrepreneur Award through Norfolk County’s Economic Development Symposium (2014) and is looking forward to what he thinks will be a promising tourism season ahead.

  • The trip to the Tip of Long Point was nothing less than phenomenal. This is the only way for the public to see this rare piece of pristine wilderness. Guide Garrett Reid presents an informative tour about this interesting piece of Southwestern Ontario. The ride in a former Coast Guard Zodiac is a thrill in itself.

    on TripAdvisor
  • Captain Garrett Reid took our crew to the tip of Long Point -- what a beautiful trip and a fantastic captain. The zodiac is fast, fun and safe! If you've never been to the tip, it's time you booked your trip!

    Bobby Ann B
    on TripAdvisor
  • The highlight was our zodiac boat tour with Captain Garrett Reid. Garrett was enthusiastic and super knowledgeable. We learned about the history and some of the legends of Long Point while on a fun and fast boat ride!

    on TripAdvisor
  • How many activities can you do that get the parents and the teenager smiling all at once? We had a perfect day - and this is a really fun trip - a re-purposed coast guard zodiac with the enthusiastic and charming Captain Garrett” - it flies and stops on a dime. I think my guys were pretending they were navy seals or something - big smiles. There's some history/facts - a beach at the end of the tip to explore - a lighthouse area - and super speed. I'll be recommending this to friends.

    Nancy P
    on TripAdvisor
  • Thanks to Captain Garrett Reid for taking us on the best tour! Super safe and super fast... Every minute was enjoyable and Garrett's knowledge of the area was superb!!!! A must for all!

    Toby Barrett
    on TripAdvisor

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